FineArt 121 HS Elective

12 weeks, 90 minute Class Time + 2 Art Museum Visits + Portfolio Open House


Fee: School year classes $300 1-2 students,  $275 3-4 students, $250 5+ students.



Drawing I . East meets West art history . 4 weeks Pencil . 4 weeks Pen . 4 weeks Copics Markers . 

(syllabus coming soon)



Drawing II . The Art of Japan: calligraphy, scrolls, Manga, posters

9syllabus coming soon)


“I believe the study of fine art & culture enriches our understanding of history & the world around us,

and stretches our imagination to envision the abundant life The Creator designed us to experience now

& in the Eternal Life to come. My goal is to draw out each student through artistic practices & to inspire a

sense of excellence & good taste that should permeate all of life’s activities.”- Maryann


Our studies will also include looking at great works from Art History, art theory & criticism, and

select social media. syllabus, supply list, & suggested resources emailed prior to 1st class